Grasping at straws and the straw that broke the camel’s back

To the Editor:

In doing some research on wind tower projects, we came across some disturbing data and news.

Several studies done by some very prominent and credible sources indicated land and property devaluation with wind tower farms. This is contrary to the claim by the REZ tower representatives that your land value will not decrease by putting a wind tower on your property. Research has shown that property owners (house or bare land) can expect a 25- to 40-percent reduction in their land values that are on or next to wind towers.

So, if this is true (and I choose to believe this data over a windmill peddler), Rock County could have a serious problem. A decline in land value means less property tax for schools, roads, and county revenue! By the way, don’t we already have towers and has the tax assessor devalued the property adjoining them? If not, several property tax rebates are in order.

This should bring up a debate among lawyers. If a person’s property is devalued, are they entitled to compensation for that loss? Save room on the court’s agenda for these claims. I wonder who’s going to pay that one? Would it be the landowner, tower company, or the county who’s “grasping for straws”? In their haste to grab the carrot from the tower peddlers, they have overlooked the damage that can and will be done to their county revenue – property tax. Will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

Gene “Pucky” Sandager


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