Baustian joins Minnesota mayors to support Walz for governor

To the Editor:

The towns and cities of Greater Minnesota are facing critically important issues that will have a direct impact on the future of their citizens. Luverne is no exception.

The next governor will play an important role in the decisions that will determine whether communities such as ours will thrive and prosper.

That’s why I have joined with mayors from throughout Minnesota to support Tim Walz for governor.

One of the key issues that communities such as Luverne are facing is a day care crisis. Over the past several years we have lost day care providers to the point that demand for day care spots now far exceeds what’s available. That’s a significant problem because without adequate day care, it is difficult to attract or retain young families who are the lifeblood of any community.

For Luverne that problem is compounded even further by the fact that Premium Iowa Pork will be bringing 250 quality jobs to our town for which they will need workers, many of whom will want day care.

Infrastructure is another important issue that communities such as ours are up against. Anyone who has driven on Highway 75 can attest to the fact that we need the state to stop its band-aid approach to our crumbling infrastructure. 

Quality roads and highways are critical to the ability of Greater Minnesota communities to thrive and prosper. The next governor will help determine if the state of Minnesota will finally get serious about transportation infrastructure needs.

As a member of Congress, Tim Walz worked with mayors and community leaders to come up with common sense strategies to these issues and more.  He authored the Small Town and Regional Vitality Investment Act, which would provide funds to enable counties to make competitive grants to local units of government to address major community development and public infrastructure challenges, such as the day care crisis. 

Tim has also made childcare a key priority of his campaign agenda, and as governor he will increase the child and dependent care tax credit, remove red tape that hinders new child care centers from getting started, and create an innovation center to help child care programs operate and succeed.

Being from Greater Minnesota, Tim knows just how important our roads and infrastructure are to communities like Luverne. He has driven up and down them countless times as he has gone from town to town to meet with local citizens and mayors. He is committed to ending the band-aid approach to highways like Highway 75.

Time and again Tim has used his leadership skills to bring together diverse interests such as business leaders, city and county leaders and representatives of non-profits to work on developing ideas to make Minnesota’s cities and towns as strong as they can be.

And for Tim, political affiliation has always taken a backseat to doing what’s best for towns and cities like Luverne. Those are the characteristics we need in Minnesota’s next governor.

Pat Baustian

Mayor of Luverne

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