Walleye Wind, LLC provides notice

Walleye Wind, LLC

provides notice 


Walleye Wind, LLC, provides this notice regarding the installation of a tower with a 

radar-based Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) at the Walleye Wind Farm in 

Rock County, Minnesota.

The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing the installation of the

radar tower for potential impacts to historic properties. The tower will

consist of a 100-foot-tall steel lattice tower within a 0.1-acre area. Access

to the tower will be via a new 0.25-mile-long, 16-foot-wide engineered gravel

road. Any interested party wishing to submit comments regarding the potential

effects that the Walleye Wind ADLS radar tower may have on any historic

property may send comments to: Walleye Wind ADLS Radar Tower c/o SWCA

Environmental Consultants, 295 Interlocken Blvd. Suite 300, Broomfield,

Colorado 80021, or via telephone at 720-249-3441. (12-23)

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