Rock County Commissioners meet Nov. 2

Rock County Commissioners meet Nov. 2

Herreid Board Room          9:00 A.M.

Rock County Courthouse Nov. 2, 2021

The meeting was called to order by the Chair with all Commissioners present. Also in attendance were Administrator Kyle Oldre, County Attorney Jeff Haubrich, Deputy Administrator Susan Skattum and Star-Herald Reporter and Mavis Fodness.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.

Motion by Reisch, seconded by Overgaard, to approve the November 02, 2021,

County Board agenda, declared carried on a voice vote.

Motion by Burger, seconded by Thompson, to approve the October 19, 2021,

County Board minutes, declared carried on a voice vote.

Southwest Health & Human Services Representatives Beth Wilms, Director, and Nancy Walker, Deputy Director, presented an organization update to include annual report of 2018 and 2019, financial health has improved as they are currently at 2.6 months of reserves, the status of mental health services and Public Health has regained federal funding that was eliminated in 2013. Walker stated that the current staffing count is at 235 employees and that they have several vacancies that they have not been able to fill due to lack of applicants; also have left MN Merit System.  

Administrator Oldre acknowledged Jason Kloss, SWHHS Environmental

Health Manager for the exceptional job he has done serving as Rock County’s 

designated Public Health representative during the pandemic.

Oldre also requested Wilms to discuss the funding formula of Southwest

Health and Human Services with board representatives; Wilms confirmed

that she would add the funding formula topic to their agenda.

Calla Jarvie, Rock County Community Library Director, reported on a recent

conference which she attended in Reno, Nevanda; the conference expenses

were covered by an Association of Rural and Small Libraries scholarship.

She stated that the fellowship and resources that she acquired were

very focused on equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Ashley Kurtz, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the claims; motion by Overgaard, seconded by Reisch, to pay the claims, declared carried on a voice vote.  A complete listing of the claims is available at the Auditor/Treasurer’s office.


A & B BUSINESS INC $2,602.32 

BMO HARRIS COMMERCIAL CARD                 2,733.36 

BUFFALO RIDGE CONCRETE                 7,843.50 

C & B OPERATIONS LLC             82,000.00 

FLEET SERVICES DIVISION-ADMIN FMR                 7,227.53 

FRONTIER PRECISION INC                 3,589.34 

KEMP ELECTRIC   2,940.74 

KUSTOM SIGNALS, INC             3,942.00 

LIBERTY TIRE RECYCLING LLC                 2,635.25 

LUVERNE/CITY OF             71,548.83 

NOBLES COUNTY AUDITOR-TREASURER                 4,600.00 

ROOS CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION                 2,130.00 

SOUTHWEST HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES             34,571.39 

SUPERIOR CAULKING INC             18,685.70 

ZIEGLER INC                 8,500.00 

56 PAYMENTS LESS THAN $2,000             20,249.29 

TOTAL               $275,799.25 

The County Board was in receipt of the Fund Balance report which reflected a 50 percent distribution to the school districts; motion by Overgaard, seconded by Thompson, to approve the Fund Balance report, declared carried on a voice vote.

The County Board was in receipt of the 2022 tax capacity rates;

presented as informational.

Kurtz requested to re-issue the following lost warrants:

#88239 payable to Lee Christians; $7.00

#89633 payable to Lynette Jauert; $74.90

#94879 payable to Lee Christians; $20.71

Motion by Thompson, seconded by Williamson to approve re-issuance

of the lost warrants, declared on a voice vote.

Ryan Holtz, Rural Water Systems Manager, presented a request for the county

to approve a Lewis & Clark Expansion agreement; the expansion will provide an

additional 174,000 units of water/day and members have one year to find the

funding/financing for the project. On a recommendation from the Rural

Water Board, motion by Overgaard, seconded by Reisch, to approve the

agreement, declared carried on a voice vote.

Holtz stated that he would be visiting with township officials

regarding the use of their ARP funding.

Mark Sehr, Engineer, requested to purchase a trailer from Dell Rapids Custom Trailers, Inc. for $13,865.00; motion by Thompson, seconded by Williamson,

to approve the purchase, declared carried on a voice vote.

Sehr briefly discussed the MnDOT study regarding a roundabout at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 75 in the City of Luverne stating that he did not think it would be a good investment to go from a B-rating to an A-rating; the city would also lose all of the newly constructed aesthetic features at the intersection as well.  

Motion by Overgaard, seconded by Burger, to decline membership to the

Rural Counties Caucus, declared carried on a voice vote.

The Administrator presented an update of the AMC District VIII meeting 

were regional levies, DMV Driver Testing sites and Opioid settlement coming

in December were discussed.

The Luverne Area Chamber requested a County Board representative

on the 150th Celebration Committee; Commissioner Thompson stated she would

be that representative.

The Administrator stated that the streambank stabilization project south of Luverne City Park has reached a resolution, and that he is reviewing options for security camera on the courthouse grounds and that the Armory project will be breaking ground yet this fall.

Commissioner Reisch stated that he had attended the following meetings:  Plum Creek Library, City/County Liaison, and Budget meeting with the Sheriff.

Commissioner Thompson stated that she had attended the following meetings: Prairie E-Loft ground breaking ceremony, AMC District VIII,

Southwest Health & Human Services and Ashby Trail dedication.

Commissioner Overgaard stated that he had attended the following

meetings: Lyon County Landfill, AMC District VIII, City/County Liaison, and

the Prairie E-Loft ground breaking ceremony.

Commissioner Burger stated that he had attended the following meetings: Prairie E-Loft ground breaking ceremony, Southwest Health & Human Services, Budget meeting with the Sheriff and Nursing Family Partnership.

Commissioner Williamson stated that he had attended the following meetings: Prairie E-Loft ground breaking ceremony and AMC District VIII.

With no further business to come before the County Board, the

meeting was declared adjourned by order of the Chair.


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