Rock County Commissioners meet July 21

Rock County Commissioners meet July 21

Rock County Board of Commissioners          9:00 A.M.

Herreid Board Meeting Room/Zoom Video Meeting July 21, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Chair Overgaard with all Commissioners present. Also in attendance were County Attorney Jeff Haubrich, County Administrator Kyle Oldre, and Star-Herald Reporter Mavis Fodness.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all who were in attendance. 

Motion by Thompson, seconded by Burger, to approve the July 21, 2020 County Board agenda, declared carried on a voice vote.

Motion by Reisch, seconded by Williamson, to approve the July 07, 2020, County Board minutes, declared carried on a voice vote.

Motion by Burger, seconded by Reisch, to approve the consent agenda, declared carried on a voice vote.

1. iCrime Fighter Software Subscription & Technical support (renewal) 


2. LeadsOnline PowerPlus Investigation System Service Subscription (renewal) 

- $2,192.00

3. Resolution No. 13-20 Veteran Service Office Operation Enhancement Grant 


4. Resolution No. 14-20, NGGIS Grant Authorization

5. 3-yr Assessment Contract with Battle Plain Township - $3,324.00/yr

Betty Mann, Rock County Historical Society President, presented the County Board with (2) informational books: Great Cities 1870-2020 and Township Stories Rock County, both describing historical facts about Rock County. The Historical Society intends to sell the books for a fundraiser.

Mann also discussed creating an Advisory Committee for their organization consisting of representatives from the County Board, city and township officials; more information will be presented at a later date.

Ashley Kurtz, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the claims; motion by Williamson, seconded by Thompson, to approve, declared carried on a voice vote. A complete listing of the claims is available upon request at the Auditor/Treasurer's office.

JULY 21, 2020 CLAIMS OVER $2,000

75 DINER LLC $5,000.00 


A CUT ABOVE                     5,000.00 

ABADABADOO SALON                   5,000.00 

ALLSTATE REALTY TEAM LLC4321922   5,000.00 

AMERICAN COMMUNICATIONS INC                     3,500.00 

AMERICAN LEGION POST 478                     4,027.80 

AT-SCENE LLC                     2,640.00 

BEHR/ABBEY                     5,000.00 

BIG TOP TENT RENTALS                     5,000.00 

BLUE MOUND AREA THEATRE                     5,000.00 

BLUE MOUND AUTO GLASS                     5,000.00 

BREMIK MATERIALS, INC               12,690.21 

BRENDA'S KITCHEN LLC                   5,000.00 


CAUWELS/VICTORIA SUE                   5,000.00 

CEMCAST PIPE & PRECAST               12,244.00 

CHS                   7,134.84 

CHURCH OF ST CATHERINE                   5,000.00 

COFFEY CONTEMPORARY ARTS                   5,000.00 

COUNTIES PROVIDING TECHNOLOGY                   6,384.00 

CRAGOE REALTY                   3,000.00 

DANG FINE DINE                   5,000.00 

DESIGNS BY STACY                 5,000.00 

E & J PARTNERSHIP                   5,000.00 

ELBERS/KEITH ALAN                   5,000.00 

ERICKSON ENGINEERING                   6,903.00 

FIDLAR TECHNOLOGIES INC                   2,174.40 

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                   5,000.00 

FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES AERIE 3403                   5,000.00 

G & S AUTO SALES & SERVICE INC                   5,000.00 

GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH                   5,000.00 

GRAND PRAIRIE EVENTS LLC                   5,000.00 

GREAT PLANES TRAVEL                   5,000.00 

GREEN LANTERN BAR & GRILL S & L                   5,000.00 

HERMAN MOTOR CO                   5,000.00 

JELLEMA/MARILYN KAY                   2,716.00 

KENNETH BAR                   5,000.00 

KETTERLING SERVICES INC               13,829.62 

KRACHT/BOBBETTE                 5,000.00 

LEADSONLINE                   2,192.00 

LUVERNE AREA CHAMBER & CVB                 5,000.00 

LUVERNE BODY SHOP INC                 5,000.00 

LUVERNE BREW PARTNERS LLC                   5,000.00 

LUVERNE COUNSELING                   5,000.00 

LUVERNE COUNTRY CLUB                   5,000.00 

LUVERNE HEALTH & WELLNESS INC                   3,500.00 

LUVERNE HOTEL PARTNERS LLC                   5,000.00 

LUVERNE LANES LLC                   5,000.00 

LUVERNE PIZZA RANCH INC                 5,000.00 

LUVERNE/CITY OF                   9,067.27 

LYON COUNTY LANDFILL               18,528.46 

M & M REPAIR                   3,000.00 

MARK'S PLUMBING HEATING & AC LLC                   5,000.00 

NATIONSAT INC                   5,000.00 

NCKM LLC                   5,000.00 

NOBLES COUNTY AUDITOR-TREASURER                 4,380.00 

OEHLERTS AND SON CONSTRUCTION                 5,000.00 

PAPIK MOTORS INC                   5,000.00 

PRINT EXPRESS                   5,000.00 

RAILPROS FIELD SERVICES INC             19,236.00 

RASMUSSEN/ROBERT                 5,000.00 

REBORN HOME FURNISHINGS LLC                   5,000.00 

REMAX LAND AND HOME INC                 5,000.00 

REMMEDEZ                   5,000.00 

RIGGS TRUCKING LLC                   5,000.00 

ROCK COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY                   5,000.00 

ROCK COUNTY OPPORTUNITIES                   2,602.95 

ROCK VETERINARY CLINIC P.A.                   5,000.00 

ROSALES/AMY                   5,000.00 

ROSS/MEEGAN                   5,000.00 

RSD DEVELOPMENT LLC                   5,000.00 

RUSTAND/FAWN                   5,000.00 

SALON 75 LLC                   5,000.00 

SASSY SECONDS                 4,700.00 

SCHOMACKER'S OFFICE CLEANING LLC                 5,000.00 

SINCERELY YOURS                   5,000.00 

SOUTHWEST HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES               33,351.90 

SOUTHWESTERN YOUTH SERVICES                 5,000.00 

STAPLES ENTERPRISES INC                   2,192.59 

STERLING'S CAFE & GRILL                   5,000.00 

SWINE EXPRESS INC                   5,000.00 

SYDNEY LEIGH PHOTOGRAPHY                   3,500.00 

THE BLUESTEM                   5,000.00 

THE SEWING BASKET                   5,000.00 

TITAN MACHINERY-SIOUX FALLS                   2,798.75 

TOLLEFSON PUBLISHING                   5,000.00 

TOP NOTCH CAR WASH                   5,000.00 

TREE TECH INC                   5,000.00 

TYANA'S BOUTIQUE LLC                   5,000.00 

UP THE DAM CREEK LLC                   5,000.00 

VERSTEEG EXCAVATION LLC                   5,000.00 

W & N CONSTRUCTION INC                   5,000.00 

WAYNE'S AUTO BODY                 5,000.00 

WILLIE'S INC                   5,000.00 

71 PAYMENTS LESS THAN $2,000               28,924.19 

  TOTAL               $564,149.57 

The County Board was in receipt of the Fund Balance report; motion by Reisch, seconded by Burger, to approve, declared carried on a voice vote.

The County Board was in receipt of a CARES Grant program update stating that the subcommittee reviewed (74) Business applications and (19) Non-profit applications and authorized payments totaling $368,138.80. The County Board thanked the Auditor/Treasurer’s office for their work on processing the payments in a timely manner.

The Administrator requested approval to purchase IT network equipment totaling $46,286.08 for remote access upgrades by enhancing the connectivity speed for staff conducting work off premises in response to COVID-19 preparedness; motion by Reisch, seconded by Burger, to approve and authorize the expenditure from the CARES grant, declared carried on a voice vote.

The Administrator/EMS Director requested to utilize CARES Grant funds to purchase specialized resuscitation equipment for all First Responder organizations throughout the county to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19; total cost of the equipment if $130,000.  Motion by Williamson, seconded by Overgaard, to approve the purchase and authorize the expenditure from the CARES Grant fund, declared carried on a voice vote. Oldre stated that he would be working with the Rock County Ambulance Director with the purchases and distribution of the equipment.

Greg Ous, MnDOT District 7 Engineer presented the 10-year construction plan highlighting projects in Rock County, the major item discussed was the 2022 construction project of the removal of north highway 75 from Luverne to the Pipestone County line and pushing the project back to 2028. The County Board expressed their collective disappointment in the 6-year delay of the project and that highway maintenance and project delays from MnDOT are viewed as un-satisfactory. 

The County Board was in receipt of a letter from Southern Prairie Community Care regarding a $500,000 distribution of assets to its members; Southwest Health & Human Services received Rock County’s share of $167,500.

The County Board was in receipt of thank you correspondence from the Hardwick Legion and Green Earth Players acknowledging receipt of the 2020 appropriation.

The Administrator informed the County Board of legislative update stating that the seconded legislative session had adjourned with limited items being addressed.

Commissioner Reisch stated that he attended the following meetings: Rock-Nobles Community Corrections (RNCC), Southwestern MN Opportunities Council (SMOC), CARES grant committee.

Commissioner Thompson state that she attended the following meetings:   meeting with townships regarding CARES funds

Commissioner Williamson stated that he attended the following meetings: Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD), meeting with townships.  

Commissioner Burger stated that he attended the following meetings: Rock-Nobles Community Corrections (RNCC), Kanaranzi township, Southwest Health & Human Services (SWHHS), Southwestern Mental Health (SWMH). 

Commissioner Overgaard stated that he attended the following meetings: meeting with townships, Hardwick City Council, CARES grant committee, Walleye Wind project update. 

With no further business to come before the County Board, the meeting was declared adjourned.



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