Rock County adopts renewable energy ordinance

Rock County adopts
renewable energy ordinace
The following Ordinance is hereby published by title and summary:
1. Title of Ordinance: Section 27 Renewable Energy Ordinance.
2. Summary of Ordinance: The Ordinance amends Section 8 of the Renewal
Energy Ordinance as follows:
Subdivision 1.1: Project Boundary, Non Commercial or a lesser distance may be utilized provided that distance has been reviewed
and approved by the MnDNR as in the process of enviornmental review used
in the State permitting process
Subdivision 1.7 Wetlands WCA Types III, IV and V Commercial >100kW:
delete setback language 3 RD on east-west axis and 5 RD on north-south axis
Subdivision 2.5: Standard for Large Solar Farms-Power & Commu
nication lines – power and communication lines running between banks
of solar panels may be placed above ground, provided the lines are placed
no higher than the top of the solar modules and power and communication
lines to electric substations or interconnections with buildings shall be buried
underground. Exceptions may be granted by the Board in the following circumstances:
A. Where shallow bedrock, water courses, or other elements of the natural
landscape interfere with the ability to bury lines.
B. When required by the utility company.
C. Unless otherwise determined by the Board
3. Availability of Ordinance: A complete printed copy of this Ordinance is available
for inspection by any person during regular business hours in the office of the
County Administrator located at 204 East Brown, Luverne, Minnesota 56156. This
Ordinance was passed by the Board of Commissioners of the County of Rock on the
7th day of July 2020, and shall become effective seven (7) days after the date of publication.
Gary Overgaard,
Board Chairperson

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