Public hearing scheduled for Oct. 13


City of Luverne public hearing set for Oct. 13

City Council 

Public Hearing set for October 13, 2015


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, by the City Council that a public hearing will be held in the Council Chambers located in the City Offices Building, 305 East Luverne Street, Luverne, Minnesota, commencing at 5:00 p.m. on October 13, 2015. The purpose of the hearing is for any interested person to present relevant testimony to the Luverne City Council on the following:

The public costs and benefits of an acquisition and taking, whether an acquisition serves the public uses and purposes, and how it serves the public uses and purposes, in order to take and acquire certain real property, the street address of which is 219 West Lincoln Street, Luverne, MN, in order to remove a nuisance, by an eminent domain proceeding under Minnesota Statutes section 117.055. If the City Council ultimately resolves in favor of this acquisition and directs that this acquisition take place, it is possible that the City of Luverne may give notice of intent for title and possession in the manner under Minnesota Statutes section 117.042. This certain real property is more specifically described as: 

The North Ninety-six (N.96) feet of Lot Twenty (20) and the North Ninety-two (N.92) feet of the West Fifty (W.50) feet of Lot Nineteen (19) in Block Twelve (12) in Warren & Kniss’ Addition to the Village (now City) of Luverne, Minnesota.  

All persons desiring to be heard on these matters should be present at the hearing or present written comments prior to the hearing to the Building Official, PO Box 659, Luverne, MN 56156.  Anyone needing reasonable accommodations or an interpreter should contact the City Clerk’s Office, 305 East Luverne Street, Luverne, MN. (507) 449-9898.

The proceedings of this Public Hearing will be recorded and will be available to the public at the City Offices Building, 305 East Luverne Street, Luverne, Minnesota during business hours for review and comment.

By order of the Luverne City Council, Luverne, Minnesota, this 10th day of September, 2015.

Jessica Mead

City Clerk

Published: 09/10/2015 


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