Livestock feedlot permit


Kellenberger Farms 

applies for feedlot permit 


Minnesota Rule 7020.2000, subp. 4



Notice is hereby given per Minnesota Statutes 116.07, subd. 7(a), that Kellenberger Farms, owned by Dennis and Benji Kellenberger, will be applying to Rock County and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for a permit to expand a feedlot with a capacity of 500 animal units or more.  

The feedlot proposed to be expanded is located in the SW1/4 of Section 32 of Clinton Township, T101N, R45W, of Rock County, Minnesota.  

The existing feedlot currently has 2400 head of finishing swine housed in a total confinement for a total of 720 A.U. The proposed expansion will consist of constructing one total confinement building with an under-floor concrete pit housing 2400 head of finishing swine. After the expansion the feedlot will consist of 4,800 head of finishing swine for a total of 1,440 animal units.  

All liquid manure will be stored in under-floor concrete pits. The feedlot will be owned by Kellenberger Farms.

This publication shall constitute as notice to each resident and each owner of real property within 5,000 feet of the perimeter of the expanding feedlot as required by Minnesota State Law.

Published at the request of Kellenberger Farms.


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