City of Magnolia public hearing set for Jan. 13

City of Magnolia public 

hearing set for Jan. 13 


The Magnolia City Council has scheduled a public hearing for January 13, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. at the City Hall at 113 W. Luverne St., Magnolia, MN. The meeting is intended to obtain citizen input, comments, recommendations and suggestions regarding community development needs and priorities in Magnolia. The meeting will have several purposes:

1) To provide citizens with an opportunity to participate in planning and developing 

projects as part of an application for funding under the Small Cities Development

Grant Program; to encourage citizens to offer their views and opinions and to

encourage participation by low- to moderate-income persons and members of

of any minority group.

2) To provide citizens with information concerning the amount of funds avail-

able for community development activities, the types of activities which may be

  undertaken, and other information pertaining to this (and other) community

development assistance programs.

3) To offer citizens a means by which to present their views and concerns about 

community development and housing needs in Magnolia as well as local community

development performance.

Citizens attending the meeting will have the opportunity to file written suggestions, complaints, and grievances pertaining to any matters outlined above or discussed at the meeting.

Low- to- moderate-income citizens, minorities, handicapped individuals and members of any disadvantaged classes as well as Section-3 contractors are particularly encouraged to attend.

Glenda Schomacker,

City Clerk           

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