Keep your heads up, Rock County.

We're seeing light at the end of the tunnel
Star Herald Editorial

We learned that Rock County will receive its first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine next week, which is the best news of the year in many ways.

It would be better news if it meant our sick ones healed overnight and our businesses could reopen tomorrow.

Realistically it will be several months before we start seeing the pandemic in our rearview mirrors.

But at least the arrival of a vaccine puts a finish line in sight.

And it allows us to take stock of how we’re doing at this point in the race.

There have been disappointing failures and heartbreaking losses, but mostly it’s fair to say we can be proud of our community response to the pandemic disaster.

Our businesses have been creative about marketing takeout and curbside product pickup. Some have grown more proficient at online retail, and some have switched gears to offer products and services to meet COVID-19 demands.

Our Chamber director and volunteers have worked overtime to keep our community vibrant and connected, despite restrictions on festive crowds and social engagement.

Our non-profits and philanthropists have found opportunities to be generous in ways we wouldn’t have previously known possible.

And we at the Star Herald discovered there is more important news than ever to cover in our communities, especially — for historical record — the pandemic’s impact on our schools, businesses and families.

And we’ve all learned to accept help from others. That’s been the hardest feat of all.

Again, we’re not out of the woods, and this little pep talk certainly doesn’t mean to make light of real and painful struggles still well underway in our homes, schools and businesses.

But it is a sincere observation that we in Rock County know how to do disasters. We’re optimistic, we’re resilient and we’ll come through this stronger than ever.

Merry Covid Christmas, dear readers. Things are looking brighter already.

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