<CENTER><B>Investors buy land<br> for golf course</B></CENTER>

Investors Mike Blank, Tim Lange and Rod Scholten unveiled their proposal to the anxious crowd.

Blank announced Monday that they signed the purchase agreement for the land where the golf course is proposed.

Scholten said that the speed of the project depends on how many lifetime memberships are sold. "If they are sold quickly, then we can start sooner," Scholten said. Scholten noted that the golf course will also be open to the public.

Lange said the golf course will be a great asset to the community. "It could create more jobs for the community," Lange said.

Scholten and Lange answered questions about the golf course after their presentation.

John Burgers from the Rock County Land Management Office, Matt Larson from Caldwell Bank, civil engineer Steve Kor, a representative from First National Bank of Pipestone and Glen Peterson, attorney from Skewes Klosterbuer and Vajgrt, were also on hand to help answer the questions.

Inquiries ranged from the sewage and water system at the golf course to the process for reserving the banquet hall.

One person wondered about the difficulty of the course. "It can be changed to fit all needs," Scholten said. "If one day a tournament is there and the next day a beginning golfers group is there, we can just change the difficulty." Scholten said that the difficulty can be changed by moving the pin at the beginning of the hole.

Scholten also said the course is being drawn up by his cousin in Denver, Colo., and is being overseen by the greens-keeper at the Brandon Golf Course.

There was a sign-up sheet after the meeting for the public to secure a lifetime family membership.

The window for buying lifetime memberships is three months. Scholten said if not enough memberships are sold for the golf course, members and investors will get their money back.

Planners are aiming for $250,000 to start off the project, with funds coming from membership sales and lot sales.

Brochures and handouts were available at the meeting, as well as a picture of the course layout and a draft of the clubhouse.

Questions about the golf course can be directed to Rod Scholten at 855-2292 or Mike Blank at 673-2271.

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