<HR><CENTER><B>H-BC hires new<br> elementary principal</B></CENTER>

Kim Grengs is the new Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School principal, and already she’s feeling at home in the community.

"The people were very friendly and everything seemed very organized," she said about her decision to work in H-BC. "The district was on the cutting edge of curriculum."

She received her degree in administration from Minnesota State University last summer, and Hills is her first administrative job. Formerly she was a fifth-grade teacher in Farmington, a town near Northfield.

"I felt ready for a leadership role," she said of her new degree.

Grengs started in Beaver Creek Tuesday, Aug. 15, and said she’s enjoying her work so far. "It’s been great," Grengs said. "The staff is very helpful and nice."

She plans to keep many of the same programs at Hills, at least for this year. "I feel I can continue the excellence Hills has in teaching. I’m going to keep a lot of what’s going on," Grengs said.

One program she hopes to implement is a program on citizenship, or "a garden of values," as Grengs calls it. "The children would learn lessons in politeness and other qualities that would make them better citizens," Grengs said.

Grengs received her bachelor’s degree in education from Augsburg College, Minneapolis, and her master’s degree in education from St. Mary’s University.

Grengs and her husband, Brent, who teaches in Tea, S.D., have two children, daughter Annie, 4, and son Darby, 2. She and her family live in a rented home in Steen.

Grengs grew up in Richfield, and her hobbies are reading, spending time with her family and being outdoors.

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