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Your input is needed if we are going to end poverty in this community

If poverty is to be ended in our community, the women are going to need a little help from the men.

When the Blandin Foundation-sponsored Leaders Partnering to End Poverty (LPEP) group met for the first time Oct. 26, more than 40 women were in attendance — and one man. 


Many men in this community are not available for a monthly half-day meeting during working hours for the next six months, but many are. How about the retired guys? Some of the farmers? Stay-at-home dads? Anyone with ideas about how to end poverty?

One of the main objectives of LPEP is “to bring all of the voices” to the table. That can’t happen if 95 percent of the voices are female. To effectively address poverty in our community, the group needs the input and insight of dads, grandpas, brothers and neighbors. Maybe you?

The group will meet monthly from November through May. The remaining meetings are Thursdays Nov. 16, Jan. 11, Feb 8, March 8, April 19 and May 10.

How could your perspective on poverty help transition others out of poverty? Maybe you’ve never been poor. The group could learn from you, too.

Even though the title includes the word “leaders,” being a community leader is not a requirement for participation.

LPEP endorses the following assumptions:

•This is a leadership program to improve our capacity to reduce poverty.

•To change the culture of poverty, we need to build leadership skills across economic levels. 

•Everyone in this program has the ability to impact the issues surrounding poverty in this community.

•Persons in poverty are valuable assets in the community that often go untapped.

•Economic disparities detract from healthy community.

•There is no silver bullet — ending poverty requires long-term and sustained effort.

To register or for more information about the upcoming LPEP meetings in Luverne, contact Tom Sippola at

The meetings are free and include meals. 

So how about it? Do you think you have anything to say about ending poverty in Luverne? If so, we’ll see you at Grand Prairie Events on Nov. 16.


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