Star Herald Editorial

The Rock County Fair is officially underway in Luverne, and we’d like to encourage everyone to head to the fairgrounds at least one of the four days.

Why? There are plenty of reasons, but we can name a few:

Funnel cakes. This probably goes without saying, but how can you go to a fair and not indulge in deep fat fried sugar?

The animals. County 4-H barns are better than the zoo. Here there are well-groomed animals that are locally raised and owned by young 4-H’ers. Take a stroll through the alleys and read the names on the pens. Linger a bit longer and pay attention to the hard work that goes into caring for the livestock.

The rides. They aren't Disney World but the rides are still so much fun. The the sounds and lights are classic entertainment for a family outing.

Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. And when it's local, it's even better. We’d dare say our Rock County Dairy Association serves up some of the best ice cream you can find.

Hand-made, home-grown projects. Our 4-H kids are so talented. So are our community members who enter items in the open-class arena. The fair is a great way to admire arts and crafts, cake decorating, fabric painting, woodworking, fine arts, photography and so many others. It’s worth the walk through the displays to admire all the hard work by local youths.

The entertainment. Thursday is the Rock County Speedway Races with the presentation of the Farm Family of the Year and Century Farms. Friday is Xtreme Bull Riding and Mutton Busting and Saturday is Rock County Speedway Enduro.

Corn dogs. There's just something about fairs and corn dogs that go hand in hand.

Talent contests. Wednesday night at 7 p.m. at the Palace Theatre enjoy performances by people and children you know (but didn’t know they had talent).

Supporting your community. Usually it takes an entire community to pull off an entire weekend of ice cream, rides and runaway cows (that happened once in Luverne). Either way you give money back to local shops and venders, and you support your community and county by enjoying something local.

It's fun. Enough said with that. So get out to the fairgrounds with the family, mingle with others on the midway and have loads of fun. See you at t

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