Sharpness of adult child's careless words won't be fully felt until he becomes a parent

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I hope that Mother's Day brought you flowers that were bought, picked or colored; handcrafted cards with careful crayon coloring, or beautiful scribbles. I hope you were blessed, Moms, for the blessings you give daily to your blessings. That said, sometimes our blessings, well, sometimes they lack perspective. Yes, perspective is the word I want here.

Just before Mother's Day I heard a young grown man talk about his mother's cooking. He said, “She's a good cook as long as she doesn't have to pay attention. Her pot roast is always a little dry.” I said nothing. There were no words. None that should be said aloud, anyway.

Actually, I wanted to give his mother a Mother's Day present from this perfect stranger — a Crock-Pot and a bar of soap. The Crock-Pot, so that she could continue to multi-task with the best of them. The bar of soap, well, I figure there's at least one place for that bar of soap that I could think of.

Mothers, don't become disheartened by careless words by your children. It can be terribly discouraging to hear the opposite of appreciation in return for all you do to create a home, be it ever so humble; a meal, be it ever so distractedly prepared; and a family, be it ever so crazy. But in this forever crazy world, a parent's perspective cannot be gained until the children who are blessed by you become parents themselves. Parents with bills, tight schedules, all-consuming demands, multiple blessings, illnesses, misunderstandings, trials, chaos, and more.

So, Moms, keep fighting the good fight. One day those kids will be asking for pot roast just like Mom used to make.


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