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Star Herald Editorial

The Star Herald has worked hard to cover the pandemic and its effects on our community, and because much of the news was so important and timely, we offered it for free online.

We hope that over the past three months readers — both new and current — have seen the pride that goes into gathering and reporting local news and appreciate the value of being informed.

Our pay wall online returned June 4, and our readers also noticed. It’s no fun to start reading a compelling piece only to have it abruptly interrupted by a request for payment.

We get it.

But just as our grocers, retailers and other businesses need revenue, the Star Herald hopes to stay solvent for years into the future.

It costs money to do the work we do … to keep our community informed. We’re “front-line workers,” too, and we, like many of our local businesses, have taken a big hit in the coronavirus economy.

And we, like many of the local businesses who have had generous community support, appreciate the support we’ve also seen.

“We’re in this together,” in case you haven’t heard that enough during the pandemic. We all do better when we all do better.

And this won’t be over for a long time.

Long after a vaccine is discovered, and long after we feel comfortable in public without masks, we will still be recovering from the economic losses.

So, dear readers, we at the Star Herald will continue to do our part to make our community better — by reporting on the crises, the acts of generosity, the government activity and the news we need to know in our neighborhoods.

And we hope you see the value in supporting that vital work with a subscription.

Stay safe, Rock County. Stay informed.

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