The pandemic isn't easy.

We can't control that, but we can control how we respond
Star Herald Editorial

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t easy.

It isn’t easy for people who get sick.

It isn’t easy for their families and loved ones who can’t gather at their bedsides.

It isn’t easy to properly grieve losses, COVID or not.

It isn’t easy for communities to support residents and businesses.

It isn’t easy for our mentally ill who already feel isolated and insecure.

It isn’t easy for their caregivers and support programs losing ground without revenue.

It isn’t easy for our elderly who fear contact but fear loneliness even more.

It isn’t easy for children.

It isn’t easy for students.

It isn’t easy for teachers.

It isn’t easy for families.

It isn’t easy for parents work at home while helping children with distance learning.

It isn’t easy for employers juggling work-at-home staff.

It isn’t easy for families who no longer have work, due to the pandemic economy.

It isn’t easy to wear a mask all day.

It isn’t easy to understand the controversy among friends who politicize masks and social distancing.

It isn’t easy for anyone.

But this week, the Star Herald would gently suggest that our readers and community members keep in mind that the pandemic especially isn’t easy for civic leaders who are charged with deciding policies in our best interest.

It isn’t easy for our governor.

It isn’t easy for our mayors, city councils, school board members and school administrators.

It isn’t easy to make everyone happy. In fact, no matter what decisions are made, there will be unhappy people. Sometimes very vocal and critical unhappy people.

What is easy? Being kind.

Please be kind, dear Star Herald readers. It costs nothing, but means everything.

It isn’t easy to accept outcomes we weren’t hoping for, but then, as we all know, the pandemic isn’t easy.

For anyone.

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