Moving Ahead Differently

Changes in annual celebrations are just the first way we can forge a new normal to this pandemic — help to the business economy is next
Star Herald Editorial

We want to recognize our community activity organizers who are creatively moving forward during this coronavirus pandemic by continuing our annual summer celebrations with interesting social distancing twists.

A thumbs up to the Luverne Area Chamber for their recent activities and the Helping Build Communities Stronger, who are organizing this Saturday’s fireworks display in Hills.

This past weekend the Luverne Area Chamber and other organizers found acceptable social distancing activities to celebrate July 4.

Now the Chamber is organizing Hot Dog Nite (see the news story and ad) with shared images of hot dog eating and wiener dog beauty contest.

An advantage of social distancing is that more family members are doing activities together. Scientists warn that bringing people together in large groups leads to spikes in virus diagnoses.

We need to continue listening to health officials and continue measures that keep everyone safe and healthy in our communities.

One area that hasn’t been healthy in recent months is our Main Street businesses and restaurants.

The Star Herald is giving another thumbs up to the government leaders who recognize that the federal CARES dollars need to get out to our business owners quickly and efficiently.

On Tuesday commissioners approved an grant application to disburse $500,000 to businesses in Rock County.

The simple application is available online and requires people to honestly indicate that COVID-19 has adversely affected their income.

Within days of applying, the county will write $5,000 checks and the money will be in the hands of those who can use an economic boost.

Tuesday night, commissioners met with municipal and township leaders encouraging them to disburse CARES funds just as quickly.

While the CARES money will help to abate income losses, our businesses will also need to keep up innovative ways to engage the public to keep their businesses going.

Turning the dial slowly to allow more activities in our communities is the right way to handle the health and safety by keeping all residents in mind.

While the process may not be as fast as some would like, moving forward with caution will prevent surges in the virus and keep from dialing back because we moved forward too quickly.

Let’s continue to manage pandemic restrictions while participating in the normal — but revised — summer activities, eating out and purchasing locally.

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