Mask requirement is the law, not a suggestion

Guest Editorial

As you all have heard or read by now, Gov. Walz ordered the use of masks in all buildings in his new Executive Order 20-81.

Since this announcement I have been contacted by a number of people asking how the Sheriff’s Office would enforce the mask order.

 I can tell you that we will continue to do the same enforcement that we have been doing since the Governor started his executive orders.

No arrests or citations, unless other laws are broken.

We will continue to EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE.

With that being said, we will enforce the state statute if you become unruly or disorderly, or if a business calls our office to report that a party is being disruptive in their establishment.

The business owner needs to stay open so that they can survive. That means everybody needs to wear masks in their buildings.

Whether you like our Governor’s order or not, going to South Dakota to do your business because of the mask order only hurts our downtown.

Wearing the mask is not going to hurt you. Put it on when you enter a building, then take it off when you leave.

I see firsthand the stress that COVID-19 is creating in this community.

My wife works at the Minnesota Veterans Home in Luverne.

The staff there is both mentally and physically exhausted from the stress.

If the virus gets into that facility, it really could mean life or death.

This is just one example. We all need to do our part to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

We do not know everyone’s health issues, so please think about wearing a mask.

If you choose not to, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office will only EDUCATE and NOT ENFORCE, unless you become unruly or disorderly.

This virus is not fair and it does not pick and choose who gets it. Let us do our part to work together for a stronger Rock County.

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