Guest Editorial

By Jane Wildung Lanphere

Luverne Area Chamber director

Knowledge is said to be the key to success.

As far back as 1597, Sir Francis Bacon coined the phrase, ”Knowledge is power,” in his book, “Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy.”

Today more than ever, the same is true.

Learning and knowing what is happening in our community will give you powerful information as you make important decisions about your business.

That information will allow you to make strategic decisions in things such as staffing, product mix, new product lines, and business changes to take advantage of the opportunities that are created when change happens in our community.

That is why it is important for you make plans to attend the Luverne Initiatives for Tomorrow (LIFT) Annual Gala on March 1.

All of us in Rock County are lamenting over the decision made by tru Shrimp to build the first harbor in Madison, South Dakota.

Their decision may be a lost opportunity for Luverne and Rock County but that doesn’t mean that opportunities still don’t exist.

The Chamber fervently believes that 2019 will be a great year for Luverne. Even though we won’t see construction on a shrimp plant, we are going to see plenty of construction in other areas.

Think about the $30 million project that will start in March at the school, the huge renovation and remodeling investment by Prime Iowa Pork on the west edge of town, major infrastructure investment in roads and the waste water treatment plant and groundbreaking for the first new apartments built in Luverne in a generation.

This list doesn’t even touch on the work being done on farms, homes and businesses in the community. Learning and hearing about what is and will be happening will give you “power” for your business.

The LIFT Annual Gala will be a great opportunity to hear, first hand, the work that is going to happen in Luverne over the next year and beyond.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to meet the people responsible for the work that will happen. Social networking may bring opportunities you never thought of before.

It is not the time to complain about what isn’t going to happen. Now is the time to celebrate all the great things that will be happening in the next few years!

The event is open to all people, businesses, institutions and organizations who want to “arm themselves” with great information about Luverne and Rock County.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Join together in LIFTing our community higher.

The successes of Luverne and Rock County are the result of the work of individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions.

What makes our community extraordinary is that we know that the power of individual success is amplified when we work together.

Working together is built on knowing each other and understanding what our friends, neighbors and associates are doing.

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