Guest Editorial

Construction update, weather woes and prom


By Craig Oftedahl, Luverne Schools Superintendent

 The much-anticipated building project for Luverne School District is just around the corner.

The first three items that will be worked on starting March 5 include a new electrical panel in the basement, work near the locker rooms in the elementary to increase roof load limits and demolition of the little theater.

The theater demolition will create some travel pattern changes for students and staff, as the art room door in the middle-high school will be blocked.

The proposed entrance will be through the agriculture room. This type of flexibility will be standard operating procedure over the next two years during construction.

The little theater will be the new music and choir suite with practice rooms, instrument storage, music library, and additional square footage in the classrooms.

This space will have many acoustical upgrades and should be a wonderful, new space for our students.


Snow days

Lots of people are wondering how the district will handle the snow days and the construction calendar. The Board of Education will have the final say on how the calendar will be adjusted to accommodate the days.

There are many factors that have to be looked at before a final decision can be made. Some of these include legislative changes through the Governor’s office, construction schedule, teacher contracts and student contact hours.

The other tricky item is that we still have half of February and all of March to contend with. Typically, February and March are the snowiest months of the year. Let’s not forget last year when we had a major storm/blizzard on April 15.

As soon as we figure things out, we will communicate with students, parents and the community.


Prom spaces

As I watch the snow whip around in the wind today (Feb. 7), I don’t necessarily think of prom. As a matter of fact, prom is not one of these school “functions” that excite me.

However, with the changes happening to the building, we are looking at creative ways to handle the Grand March and the crowd of people that typically attend the prom event.

Right now we are looking at the possibility of using the small gym below the music area as part of the functioning for this event, since the little theater can no longer be used.

We will still use the middle school-high school gym for the Grand March, but that may not be a large enough venue to handle all the patrons.

Whatever happens, I’m sure it will work out and be a wonderful event for the students and the community.

It may be a little different than in years past, but it will still showcase our wonderful students!

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