Principal Phelps attends his first school board meeting

Jason Phelps sat in on his first School Board meeting as elementary principal for the Hills-Beaver Creek School District Monday, July 14, which was also his first day in the Beaver Creek school office.

At his first meeting, the Board addressed several personnel matters, including hiring new staff.

•Darin DeBoer is the physical education teacher, assistant volleyball coach and shared junior high track coach.

•Susan Bork is the head volleyball coach for the 2014 season, contingent on her attaining head coaching status with the Minnesota State High School League.

In other business at the July 14 meeting, the Board approved a 10-percent lunch price increase for the 2014-15 school year.

Prices for kindergarten through eighth grade students are $2.25 per meal, grades 8 through 12 meals cost $2.40, and adult lunches are $3.


The board also:

•accepted a donation of $12,000 from the Hills-Beaver Creek FFA that will be used for district technology hardware and software purchases.  

•heard a report that the Tri-State Buffaloes completed their football season at the H-BC football field and their terms of the rental agreement. The team was reportedly a good tenant, and payment was made in full.

•noted the next regular School Board meeting is July 28

•noted that July 29 through Aug. 12 is the filing period for those considering running for election to the School Board.

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