H-BC School Board meets April 29

Hills-Beaver Creek Dist. 671


April 29, 2014

The Hills-Beaver Creek School Board met for its semimonthly meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Conference Room.

Board members present were Fick, Fransman, Gehrke, Kueter, Leuthold and Moser. Baker was absent. Superintendent Holthaus was also in attendance. Business Manager Kuehl was absent.

Chairman Fransman called the meeting to order.

  Visitor to the meeting was Erica Van Wyhe, Hills Crescent.

Motion by Moser, second by Fick, and carried to approve the agenda.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as sent out.

Motion by Fick, second by Gehrke to Approve Resolution Providing for sale of General Obligation School Building Refunding Bonds, Series 2014A (Greg Crowe, Ehlers Inc., Refunding and One Day Bond and MDE/school district credit enhancement program). Voting Yes: Moser, Fick, Kueter, Leuthold, Gehrke and Fransman.

Motion by Gehrke, second by Leuthold, and carried to approve the bills.

Motion by Moser, second by Gehrke, and carried to approve the Student Accounts.

Motion by Leuthold, second by Kueter, and carried to approve the donation of $100 from the First National Bank of Sioux Falls and Brenda Plimpton.

Motion by Kueter, second by Moser, and carried to approve the recommendation to reschedule the Monday, May 26, regular board meeting to Tuesday, May 27, due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Motion by Kueter, second by Gehrke, and carried to approve the recommendation to approve First Reading of Policies:

          707 – Transportation of Public School Students

          708 – Transportation of NON-Public School Students

          710 – Extracurricular Transportation

          713 – Student Activity Accounting

Patriot Pride:

          H-BC Junior/Senior Prom April 25

          H-BC FFA students participating at state judging – Derek Fick, Nick 

            Hoogeveen, Dalton Klarenbeek, Matt McLeod, Isaiah Wagenaar, Sam 

            Zomer, Isaac Tilstra, Jeff Nelson, Hallie Baker, and Justin Sandbulte.

          Honor Band Participants April 25-27: Seth Glidewell, Olivia Richards and 

            Josie Scholten.

Mr. Holthaus presented the K-12 Principal report.

Community Education Advisory Council meeting update report was given by Moser.

Phase III and IV Training report was given by Moser and Fick.

Legislative Update was given by Fransman

Dates to Remember:

          April 30 Safety Committee Meeting at 7:30 a.m.

          May 5 Staff Development Meeting and 

  TAB Meeting

          May 12 Regular School Board Meeting

          May 12 Senior Award Banquet at 6 p.m.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Second reading of policies #707 – Transportation of public school students, #708 – Transportation of non-public school students, #710 Extracurricular

Transportation, #713 – Students Activity Accounting; Sale of Bonds 2014A

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Lois Leuthold, Clerk



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