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To the Editor:

I was reading the Hills Crescent Year in Review; it was interesting all that happened in a small area in 2013. 

Of the 28 events that happened, the Hills Veteran Memorial wasn’t included. Was it just an oversight? It shouldn’t have been; it was front page news in June.

Who protected our freedom of speech, to attend church of choice, bear firearms, peaceful assembly and many more freedoms? Who did that? A military veteran. “All gave some, some gave all.”

When the Hills United Reformed Church celebrated its annual Reformation Social, when you express your opinion or I express mine; are any of us afraid the police or military is going to arrest us, send to labor camp never to see their family again? No!

If you didn’t include the Veterans Memorial because you have something against the military, go and visit the memorial. It is also dedicated to the veteran firemen and law enforcement. These individuals protect you, your family and friends every day in Beaver Creek, Hills and Steen.

Everyone is invited to the Memorial Day Service on May 26 at 9 a.m. in the Hills American Legion building to remember the veterans (firemen, law enforcement and military). 

You maybe have more pressing requests (picnics, fishing, camping or ball games or something else) so you are not able to attend.

Of the 28 highlights, one was Santa visited Beaver Creek, Hills Steen. Wow!


Robert Walraven, Commander


Hills American Legion

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God Bless America! Thank you and all veterans for your service to our country. I am grateful every day!

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