Students in fourth through sixth grade at Hills Christian School tell their holiday traditions
Sydnie Bakker

On Christmas Eve we have a lot of fun. We always open one present which is usually pajamas. Then we have our Christmas Eve Dinner. Afterwards we all get into our new pajamas and play games. It usually gets intense. Then we watch a Christmas movie. Next, we hop into bed later than usual and when we wake up it’s Christmas. We eat a big breakfast and then we go to church. When we get back we smell crockpots full of our favorite dishes. Yum! Then we open the rest of our presents. We eat out big meal. Later in the night Joah, Heath, Mia, Easton and Kovey come over for a shrimp fest. I love Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Sydnie Bakker Fifth Grade


The seven days before Christmas we sometimes do a treasure hunt with out family. One time we got a toboggan sled and we went down the hill one time that night. Another gift we got was Coke. The Coke we got was not in an ordinary bottle; it was in a glass bottle. The next treasure we got was an Andy Griffith show DVD pack. Out whole family likes to watch that show. Out final gift was a surprise to Florida. We had so much fun doing out treasure hunts. 

Levi Van Dyken Fourth Grade

I love Christmas! We have some tradition that we do every Christmas with the Alons side (my dad’s side). We always sing Christmas carols. Last year I played piano to the carols, but the years before my Aunt Kristy played. We also have another tradition. We play the number game. It’s a game we play with presents. We eat Christmas goodies too. There are usually mint candies, fudge, bars and more. Christmas is awesome! 

Darcy Alons Fourth Grade

Christmas is always fun at our house. A tradition we do every year is pick names for presents. My brother Josh always figures out who has who. This year I have my mom, my mom has Ryan, Ryan has me, Josh has my dad, and my dad has Josh. We can spend up to $40 on the present. Two years ago I had my mom, and I lied to her about a present. I said it was for Mrs. Haan. It’s really fun to pick names for Christmas!

Kassie Haak Fourth Grade

I love Christmas. My tradition is going to my Grandma’s house. We eat potatoes, beans and ham. My whole family goes to my Grandma’s house. We pick three kids in each family to buy gifts for so we go to the stores in Sioux Falls. I have so much fun!

Kathleen Kiers Fifth Grade

It is fun during Christmas. Every year for the Van Dyke Christmas we go to the Ramada in Sioux Falls. The Ramada is really fun. It has a water slide, pools, hot tubes and a pirate ship. First, we go swimming and go down the slide. Then we order pizza and go eat in our room and open presents. It is really fun.

Tyson Bork Fifth Grade


Before Christmas we always put out decorations. We put lights and ornaments on the Christmas tree as a family. We always read a Christmas story. We make Christmas cookies in all different shapes and colors. Then on Christmas day we wake up early and go open our presents. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

Olivia Bork Third Grade

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