Running in the rain



Nature’s steady rain showers did not deter participants in the annual Around the Clock Fitness and Tanning 5K Fun Run/Walk. Seventy people were there on Saturday morning ready to run. Cooper Vaughn was the overall winner. The results are below.

Friendship Days Race Results:

12 and younger:

boys first place Hunter Bork, second place Chase Bosch;
girls first place Karmen Fuerstenberg,

second place Josie Scholten

Teenagers: boys first place and overall winner Cooper Vaughn, second place Jed Burgers;
girls first place Haley Van Wyhe, second place Paige Boote

Twenty-year-olds: males first place Tyler Bush, second place Dalton Engelkes;

ladies first place Kala Bush, second place Heather Bakker

Thirty-year-olds: males first place Stuart Moser;
ladies first place Laura Leenderts, second place Vickie Busswitz

Forty-year-olds: males first place Kelly Vis, second place Dustin Biddle;

ladies first place Jil Vaughn, second Denise Dudley

Fifty-year-olds: males first place Marlin Top, second place Harold Meester



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