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Luverne Street Music instructors, students perform for large crowds at open house
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Luverne Street Music instructors perform "Wayfaring Stranger" for a full house in the sanctuary of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Monday night as part of the music school’s open house. Pictured are (from left) trumpet and french horn teacher Dave Nelson, vocal instructors Sarah Jensen and Emily Lodine-Overgaard, guitar teacher Chris Nowatzki, violin instructor Yolanda Clark and piano instructor Drew Weis. Other instructors at Luverne Street Music include Kelby Robinson (piano, saxophone and voice), Jay Reeve (viola, cello), Tom Voigt (banjo), Susan Skattum and Laura Ayres (piano) (piano), Jane Cote (guitar) and Dean Luethje (percussion).

Less than a year ago, a few local music fans hatched the idea for a small music school in Luverne. 

Monday night more than 50 students and their instructors presented Luverne Street Music’s first open house with a recital in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Luverne Street Music began as a non-profit vision to offer private music lessons for students of all ages (children through senior citizens) and to keep those students, their time and their dollars in Luverne. 

Music enthusiasts LaDonna Iveland and Janine Papik formed a partnership with Holy Trinity Episcopal Church to use the church fellowship space, Hilger Commons, as the location for the music school.

The school opened its doors in early January. Hilger Commons is the round building across the street from the church and was originally built as a medical center. 

It has several small rooms, which lend themselves to practice space for musicians and their instructors.

The school offers lessons in voice, violin and viola, cello, banjo, trumpet and French horn, piano, saxophone, guitar and percussion. 

A harpist may soon join the teaching team.

Luverne Street Music is a non-profit organization. It provides space and serves as the liaison between music instructors and students but does not profit from the program.


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