Fugitive arrested in Hills

U.S. marshals arrested a fugitive from justice in Hills Friday after he had been wanted on a warrant since February.

According to information from federal offices in Sioux Falls, Jared Shoemaker, 32, was arrested around noon Friday in the home of his girlfriend, Elizabeth Ranfranz.

Assisting U.S. marshals with the arrest were Rock County and Minnehaha County deputies.

Shoemaker reportedly told law enforcement he wasn’t coming out, so officers secured a perimeter around the house.

Ranfranz was reportedly uncooperative at first, so she was handcuffed as a precaution. Shoemaker eventually walked out on a balcony and then onto the roof before he was ordered down and was arrested without further incident.

Also in the home at the time of the arrest was a teenager who walked out on his own and waited nearby during the arrest.

U.S. marshals were involved in the arrest because Shoemaker was wanted on a parole absconder warrant in South Dakota.

Shoemaker is a convicted felon and is considered a violent offender (he was charged with possession of a weapon while in prison in 2002).

He had been serving time in a minimum-security prison in South Dakota where inmates are allowed to come and go for work purposes. On Feb. 3 Shoemaker reportedly left the facility and didn’t return.

His arrest history in Minnesota dates back to 1998 and includes charges of theft, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, first-degree burglary, criminal damage to property, check forgery, receiving stolen property, driving after suspension and possession of drug paraphernalia.

His most recent incident in Hills was in May 2011 when he was arrested for terroristic threats after chasing a group of teenagers across town with a baseball bat.

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