Tri-State Buffalos prepare for opener, host games in May
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Players on the 2013 Tri-State Buffalos team are (front row, left to right) Brad Bentele, Jason Brown, Cody Scholten, Jordan Schroeder, Taylor Leuthold, Chris Layher, Taylor Shellum, (second row) John Acevado, Javier Jimenez, Derek Ehde, Taylor Reese, Cody Reckamp, Lucas Gravel, Jorge Duron, Jordan Larson, Chad DeSplinter, Jake Steffl, Chris Williams, Mac McNamara, Ken McCuen, (third row) Nate Jacobson, Marty Schmitz, Carl Janachovsky, Jeremy Robinson, Tommy Berger, Tanner Scholten, Seth Nuffer, Tony Hoskins, Andy Muller, Calvin Klosterman, Aaron Vasecka and Tyler Jacobson. Not pictured are Tate Bork, Bryant Schroeder and Alex Maldanado.

The Tri-State Buffalos are ratcheting up their play both on and off the field. 

The new team calls Hills home and will play their home games at the Hills-Beaver Creek football field.

They are part of the Southern Plains Football Conference, a nine-man conference.

The team consists of players from southwest Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa. Eight of those on the roster are former Hills-Beaver Creek Patriots: Tate Bork, Jordan Larson, Taylor Leuthold, Seth Nuffer, Taylor Reese, Cody Scholten, Tanner Scholten and Dereck Ehde.

Other players to highlight the roster are Lucas Gravel who led the MFA Semi Pro league in interceptions last year and Carl Janachovosky, who is a first-year semi-pro player.

On Saturday, April 6, the team hosted Family and Fan Day at the field in Hills. Players met with family, fans and sponsors for a variety of activities.

The day began with an introduction of players and staff. They also shared their thanks to their families for supporting them.

Cody Scholten said, “We are thankful for their support and helping the players achieve whatever goal they have. We wouldn’t have a team without family support.”

Fans enjoyed hotdogs while watching an offense vs. defense scrimmage.

That scrimmage prepared them for their first “real” scrimmage in Albert Lea against the Grizzlies last Saturday.

The team has two goals for the first season: to win the SPFL and to win the National Championship in the state of Oregon.

These goals are at the forefront, while staff balances the challenge of funding the team and informing the community who they are.

The group is a non-profit organization with all funding coming from player fees and sponsorships.

Their first year comes with a lot of expenses, which they are hoping to offset with ticket and concession sales.

Their first game is against the Minnesota River Valley Shock on April 27. They play back-to-back home games on May 4 and May 11. To see their full schedule, visit their website at

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