Hanging limbs a first priority for storm cleanup
City of Luverne issues priorities for residential storm debris cleanup; junk days are canceled until further notice

Priorities for cleanup after ice storm:

1. For safety reasons, the first priority for city crews will be to remove hanging limbs from boulevard trees.

2. Residents may bring fallen branches to the curb and they will be removed by city crews after hanging limbs are removed. a. Branches must be no more than eight (8) feet long.
b. Do NOT stack branches in front of fire hydrants or utility boxes.

3. Removal of private trees (non-boulevard trees)
a. Contractors, hired by property owners to remove trees on their private property (non-boulevard trees), must haul them away.
b. Property owners who remove their own private trees (non-boulevard trees) must haul them away. The city tree dump will be open for Luverne residents.

4. City crews will mark damaged boulevard trees for removal after they have removed hanging branches and removed branches from the curb.

5. Marked trees will be removed as city crews have time.
 Spring Clean-Up is cancelled until further notice.


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