Local farmer reacts swiftly in recent farm accident

Luverne farmer Steve Top had a close encounter with a bin-sweeping auger recently. 

The sweep ripped off one of his pant legs and caused a huge gash in his leg, but other than that, Top is just fine.

Top said the fact that he recalled a similar accident in Rock County last year caused him to move swiftly when he realized what was about to happen.

“I saw my partner reaching for the switch and I thought of what happened to Rhonda Smith,” he said. 

“Because of that I was watching and I just had time to react.”

Top said he jumped the sweep auger. “As slow as I am, I made it,” he joked. 

But he encouraged other farmers in the process of emptying grain bins to be certain to shut off the power to the sweep auger.

“You have to go outside to shut the sweep auger off,” he said. 

“You kind of forget about that. Just remember to shut the power off before you clean up.”

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