A perch wins it


Breaking previous attendance records, the crew of the Beaver Creek Sportsman’s Club welcomes more than 120 fishermen to the ice on Saturday at the Rez in Hills for their annual Matt Gehrke Memorial Ice Fishing Derby. People perched on buckets or tucked into the warmth of their ice shacks spent two hours trying to find the biggest fish in the water. When the final shot was fired, Joey Olivier was named the winner with his 0.405-pound perch. He took home an ice shack for his efforts. Other prizes were awarded to the top 25 fish. The club will be welcoming current and new members this winter at several local events.


Gunner Bork and his mother make the long, windy walk to check in. He turned in a 0.115-pound bluegill to capture eighth place. He won an ice fishing rod and reel.

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