Tryouts for Tri-State Buffalos are set
Submitted release

The Tri-State Buffalos – Nine Man Semi-Pro Football Team is announcing that it will

host open tryouts for all positions on Saturday, January 19th at 3 pm at the New Sanford Power Center Field-House

located in Sioux Falls, SD at 2215 West Pentagon Place, Sioux Falls, SD 57107. They would also like to announce a

second tryout date of February 23rd, 2013 at the "Hugo Goehle Gym" on the Corner of East 1st Street & South Central

Ave, in Hills, MN. Participants need to bring a $10 registration fee. All those interested in joining the team for the 2013

Season are asked to attend.

The official tryouts will take place on Saturday January 19th and February 23rd , 2013 at 3:00 p.m. (Please arrive at 2:30

pm to register) During the tryouts, players will be put through a number of skill testing elements in order to evaluate their

football skills, speed and agility for every position on the team roster.

“We are working to build what should be one of the strongest teams in the SPFL - Southern Plains Football League,” says

Assistant Head Coach – Coach “Mac” McNamara, “and I hope we encourage and inspire all levels of players, from high

school graduates to seasoned players who may have played college or indoor football to come out and be a part of this

outdoor football phenomena in our area.” Coach Mac McNamara offensive coordinator with Coach Ken McCuen

defensive coordinator coached the Sioux Falls Semi-Pro Team last year to the Championship for the first time in that

organizations history. “The time was right for a change of scenery and the talent pool from all three states is untapped and

there is the potential for a very physically powerful team here.” Said McNamara

Given the tremendous interest in Semi Pro Football from South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota, the Board of Directors and

Coaches have decided to make the tryouts open to the general public. Players and spectators who are interested in being a

part of the significant moment for the franchise, and the sports community, are welcome to visit the Sanford Power Center

Field-house on Saturday January 19th. The Tri-State Buffalos will have the home field for all home games in Hills, MN

and decided with the Sanford Power Complex to centrally locate this football combine and football assessment in Sioux


From Owner Cody Scholten: "Playing to Win. Playing for a Cause”. That is our team motto, our team goal, and our

motivation. The "cause" is simply to serve our community and to make our community proud by not only winning, but by

giving back. We will be giving back to our community in a number of ways. Our definition of our community is the tristate

area. Ranging from South West Minnesota, North West Iowa, and Eastern South Dakota. We want give back to these

areas because our players will be recruited and from these locations, and we are all connected in one way or another.

We will be working with the community to line up different types of community service. We have a lot of goals and ideas

as far as what we may be doing for community service. We will be posting this info on our home page and under media,

as the year and seasons go on. We will also be choosing a charity each year to donate a portion of our proceeds to. We

will be looking for charities that are directly connected to our community.

“It was important for us to hold our open tryouts because there is great talent in this area of the Midwest and we want to

give those players an opportunity to play semi-pro football,” says Head Coach - Coach Ken McCuen. “We are looking

forward to a high intensity tryout that will bring the Buffalos franchise one step closer to kicking off a tremendous


For more information about the tryouts email or go to our webpage at

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