Skaters place fifth in White Bear Lake
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Participating in the 2012 White Bear Lake Open Competition last weekend were (front row, from left) Haley Ruesch, Tommy McCarthy, Brooke Nattress, Lexie Severtson, Brooke Thompson, (back) Alyssa Nattress, Lexy Ruesch, Riley Severtson and Breanna Richters. Not pictured are Hannah Henning and Shelby Kingery. These skaters are coached by Courtney (Thompson) DeBoer, Katie Kopp, Sarah Nuffer, Cathy Shearer and Sabrina Sowles. The next competition for the Blue Mound Figure Skaters is the Blizzard Blast in Plymouth the first weekend in January.

Eleven skaters represented the Blue Mound Figure Skating Club at the White Bear Lake Holiday Open this past weekend.

Out of 13 teams represented at the competition, the local skaters came home with fifth place.

“Our skaters did well,” said team liaison Marian Schneekloth.

The competition was staged at the White Bear Lake Sports Center on Nov. 30 through Dec. 2.

The home rink (White Bear Lake) placed first, followed by SQSA, National Sports Center, Woodbury and then BMFS.

The next competition for the Blue Mound Figure Skaters will be Blizzard Blast in Plymouth on Jan. 5 and 6.

See the sports tab of for a complete rundown of team and individual scoring.

Skater placings

Hannah Henning, Delta, 1030607

Delta – 4th

Stroking – 6th

Lt. Ent. Spotlight – 3rd

Jump N Spin Med. With Breanna Richters – 5th

Shelby Kingery, FS7, 624455

Solo Comp. – 5th

Interp. – 3rd

Lt. Ent. Spotlight – 3rd

Dramatic Spotlight – 4th

Open FS – Platinum – 5th

Jump N Spin High with Tommy McCarthy – 2nd

Tommy McCarthy, FS7, 665535

FS 7 – 2nd

Footwork – 1st

Solo Comp. – 2nd

Jump N Spin High with Tommy McCarthy – 2nd

Alyssa Nattress, FS3, 830313

Solo Comp. – 3rd

Interp. – 6th

Stroking – 6th

Character Spot. – 2nd

Lt. Ent. Spot. – 6th

Rhythmic Ribbon – 1st

Open FS – Bronze – 3rd

Jump N Spin Medium with Riley Severtson – 1st

Couples Spotlight Medium with Riley Severtson – 2nd

Brooke Nattress FS4, 806719

FS4 – 1st

Solo Comp. – 3rd

Interp. – 1st

Character Spotlight – 1st

Rhythmic Hoop – 2nd

Jump N Spin Intermediate with Lexie Severtson – 4th

Couples Spotlight Intermediate with Lexie Severtson – 1st

Breanna Richters, FS3, 807638

FS3 – 5th

Solo Comp. – 5th

Character Spotlight – 3rd

Lt. Ent. Spotlight – 6th

Rhythmic Ball – 1st

Jump N Spin Medium with Hannah Henning –5th

Haley Ruesch, FS4, 810225

Solo Comp. – 1st

Interp. – 5th

Rhythmic Hoop – 1st

Open FS – Silver – 4th

Lexy Ruesch, Delta, 1052430

Delta – 5th

Stroking – 3rd

Lexie Severtson, FS4, 806689

Solo Comp. – 6th

Character Spotlight – 2nd

Dramatic Spotlight – 1st

Couples Spotlight Intermediate with Brooke Nattress – 1st

Jump N Spin Intermediate with Brooke Nattress – 4th

Riley Severtson, FS3, 806688

Solo Comp. – 4th

Interp. – 2nd

Stroking – 1st

Lt. Ent. Spotlight – 5th

Dramatic Spotlight – 1st

Open FS – Bronze – 1st

Couples Spotlight Medium with Alyssa Nattress – 2nd

Jump N Spin Medium with Alyssa Nattress – 1st

Brooke Thompson, FS4, 747924

Solo Comp. – 4th

Lt. Ent. Spot. – 1st

Dramatic Spotlight – 5th

Rhythmic Hoop – 3rd

Open FS – Silver – 4th

Skater results

1st Place

Tommy M -- Footwork

Alyssa N & Riley S – Jump N Spin

Alyssa N – Rhythmic Ribbon

Brooke N & Lexie S – Couples Spotlight

Brooke N – FS4

Brooke N – Interp

Brooke N – Character Spotlight

Breanna R – Rhythmic Ball

Haley R – Solo Comp

Haley R – Rhythmic Hoop

Lexie S – Dramatic Spotlight

Riley S – Stroking

Riley S – Open Bronze

Riley S – Dramatic Spotlight

Brooke T – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

2nd Place

Shelby K & Tommy M – Jump N Spin

Tommy M – FS7

Tommy M – Solo Comp

Alyssa N & Riley S – Couples Spotlight

Alyssa N – Character Spotlight

Brooke N – Rhythmic Hoop

Lexie S – Character Spotlight

Riley S – Interp

3rd Place

Hannah H – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Shelby K – Interp

Shelby K – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Alyssa N – Solo Comp

Alyssa N – Open Bronze

Brooke N – Solo Comp

Breanna R – Character Spotlight

Lexy R – Stroking

Riley S – Rhythmic Ribbon

Brooke T – Rhythmic Hoop

4th Place

Hannah H – Delta

Shelby K – Dramatic Spotlight

Brooke N & Lexie S – Jump N Spin

Haley R – Open Silver

Riley S – Solo Comp

Brooke T – Solo Comp

Brooke T – Open Silver

5th Place

Hannah H & Breanna R – Jump N Spin

Shelby K – Solo Comp

Shelby K – Open Platinum

Breanna R – Solo Comp

Breanna R – FS3

Haley R – Interp

Lexy R – Delta

Riley S – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Brooke T – Dramatic Spotlight

6th Place

Hannah H – Stroking

Alyssa N – Stroking

Alyssa N – Interp

Alyssa N – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Breanna R – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Lexie S – Solo Comp

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