Beaver Creek ag land sale jumps record to $16,200

It’s that time of the year for land sales to set new records.

Nearly 80 acres of prime farm ground in Beaver Creek Township sold Friday morning for $16,200 per acre, according to Chuck Sutton Auctioneer and Land Services.

The land was purchased from the heirs of Walter and Leora Hellwinckel.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said the price might seem high, “But if paper money loses all its value, it won’t do any good to have money sitting in the bank. They’re probably smart to have (their assets) in land. Buying land is a smart move if you can do it without borrowed money.”

Another observer said, “Those are big numbers. Crazy big numbers.”

According to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Rock County has the highest ag land values of any agricultural county in the state based on sales. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2011, a 168-acre parcel five miles east of Hardwick in Denver Township sold for $9,200 an acre.

Until Friday the record-breaking Rock County ag land sale occurred last December when a 155-acre parcel sold for $12,750 an acre in Kanaranzi Township. 

Land prices exceeded five figures for the first time in the county when a quarter section in Martin Township sold for $12,400 in November of 2011.

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