Walking (or running) for diabetes

Students at Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary are walking with purpose this week. Each day in gym class they are helping raise money and awareness for diabetes. Physical education teacher Chris Louwagie organized the walk-a-thon in support of National Diabetes Awareness Month. When students arrive at class, they put on pedometers that measure how far they walk. The pedometers were donated, thanks to efforts of the H-BC Elementary Parent Teacher Organization and Sanford Health. After participants are suited up, the music starts pumping and the kids start walking. Many end up jogging in an effort to go farther, faster. The classes are having a contest to see who can walk the farthest. Distance can be earned in two ways: by miles walked or by money donated. Each dollar donated equals one mile. Students have been encouraged to asked their families and relatives to sponsor donations. Donations of cash or checks (written to the American Diabetes Association) will be collected until Friday, Nov. 9, when a winning class will be named. The winning class will be treated to a pizza party from Rauk’s Hilltop Convenience Store.

Chris Louwagie records information from students’ pedometers during the fourth-grade gym class Monday. The students continued to track their distances throughout the week.

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