Voters pick new faces for H-BC Board
Incumbent Kueter gets four more years


The voters of the Hills-Beaver Creek School District spoke clearly with their ballots, unseating longtime incumbents during the election on Tuesday.

There were five candidates vying for three available seats. Among the five were three incumbents, Ann Boeve, Gary Esselink and Jim Kueter.

They were challenged by Amie Fick and Karin Moser.

The challengers were the choice of voters as they received the most votes.

According to the uncanvassed votes released by the Rock County Auditor on Wednesday morning, the three seats will be filled by Amie Fick, Karin Moser and Jim Kueter.

Fick, who distributed flyers and had yard signs placed in the district, received the most votes at 681. Moser had the second highest at 535 and Kueter took the third spot capturing 495 votes.

All three candidates have children attending classes at H-BC.

Esselink and Boeve will end long runs on the board when their final terms expire in January.

Esselink, who has served as board chair for six years, finishes 16 years on the board.

Boeve has acted as vice-chair for many of her 16 years. 


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