National, state, local elections set for Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 6, is Election Day, and Rock County Auditor-Treasurer Ashley Kurtz said her office is already busy with voting traffic and election questions.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for sample ballots, which is new for us this year,” Kurtz said. “I think people are doing their research and making sure they’re ready when they pick up their ballots.”

She said she’s also advising voters to view their ballots on the Minnesota Secretary of State website, A link allows voters to type in their addresses for ballots specific to their local races.

So far, Kurtz said her office has received 356 absentee ballots, which is more than a 100 short of the 470 received in Rock County for the 2008 election, which saw an 88-percent voter turnout in Rock County.

“That is really high,” Kurtz said, noting that Minnesota saw a 75-percent voter turnout that year, a presidential election year like this year.

She said she hopes Rock County voters respond with the same high turnout on Tuesday. “We don’t have as many local races this year, so that will affect turnout a little,” she said.

She advised local voters who are not registered on Election Day to bring with them the proper paperwork for same-day voter registration. 

“It creates a lot of frustration at the polls if they don’t have it with them,” Kurtz said.

A valid driver’s license with a current address is all that is needed. If the address isn’t current on the driver’s license, supporting paperwork, such as a dated utility bill, with a name and current address are needed.

Kurtz said it takes 98 election judges in Rock County’s 24 precincts — plus 10 to 15 county staff at the courthouse — to run an election in Rock County. 

They’ll work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the bulk of their work doesn’t even start until after midnight. “So it’s a really, really long day,” she said.

The ballots are tallied electronically, and the precinct totals are sent online to the state as they’re reported. Voters can watch the tallies come on election night at

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