Autumn in the Blue Mounds is worth a column topic all its own
On second thought

In considering a column topic for this week, the possibilities were endless.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Eye Injury Prevention Month. Next week is national Fire Prevention Week and National Newspaper Week.

Any or all of these timely topics would fill a column space.

The new federal guidelines for school lunch have come under recent criticism, and I could write volumes about the importance of healthy eating and how it should start in our school lunches.

(Well, actually, it should start in our homes, but since parents have dropped the ball on healthy meals, nutrition might as well be part of the school curriculum.)

In the end, though, it turns out we have plenty of Opinion Page material this week, so my column space is relatively small.

With that, I have one simple thought to share with you, dear readers, as our summer fades into fall.

The Blue Mounds State Park is such a beautiful local treasure, and now more than ever is a great time to visit.

The Big Bluestem is especially prominent on the prairie this fall, since its roots are designed to withstand drought. The non-native grasses are somewhat dormant, exposing the true prairie grasses.

It’s not the same as a drive through wooded areas of the state, but the Blue Mounds presents its own autumn scenery.

One my favorite recent improvements along the bike path is a new wooden bench placed under the shade of a lone ash tree at the north end of the path.

I don’t know how many bike path users actually sit on the bench, but it suggests a place of quiet serenity that beckons — or at least reminds us to slow down and enjoy nature.

I leave you that image here. For more limited-quality cell phone images from the state park see (find my column under the Opinion heading).


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Nice pics. Blue Mounds State Park is certainly a treasure that many, including me, have taken for granted. I am so glad that I "discovered' it again last year.

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