H-BC Scholarships


Hills-Beaver Creek Foundation Scholarships were awarded to seniors during the Senior Awards Banquet Monday, May 11, in the commons area at H-BC High School.

The Patriot Scholarship of $200 and the $200 Beaver Creek Sportsman’s Club Scholarship went to Kendra Doerr, as did the $1,000 Nuffer Family Scholarship.

The $1,000 Alliance Communications scholarship went to Jenna Wilgenburg.

The Beaver Creek High School scholarship of $175 went to Carey Taubert and the following Foundation Scholarships were awarded:

’73 W.F. Finke Scholarship  $100 to Hattie Van Wyhe; $200 to Kelli Esselink.

’03 Shorty and Lois Leenderts Scholarship $250 to Hattie Van Wyhe.               

’04 Marilyn and Duane Nelson Scholarship $200 to Riley Lentz.

’05 Bud and Ione Bush Scholarship $100 to Riley Lentz.

’06 Mildred and Bill Moerke Scholarship $100 to Matt McLeod.

’07 Anonymous Scholarship  $200 to Tori Bork.

’07 George and Luella Schlueter Scholarship $150 to Jenna Wilgenburg.

’07 James and Sharon Boeve Scholarship $100 to Braden Ellingson.

’07 Harvey and Sally Van Wyhe Scholarship $100 to Hattie Van Wyhe.

’08 Spath Family Memorial Scholarship  $ 110 to Kendra Doerr.

’08 Ray VanDer Woulde Scholarship $100 to Derek Fick;  $100 to Madison Fick.

’10 Mavis and Lyman Ellingson Scholarship $130 to Braden Ellingson.

’10 Verlyn and Henrietta Bos Scholarship $100 to Kendra Doerr.

’10 Hills-Beaver Creek Education Association $250 to Jenna Wilgenburg.

’11 Dale Reker Scholarship $275 to Jenna Wilgenburg.

’12 Wendell and Kathryn Erickson Scholarship $400 to Kelli Esselink.

’13 Fritz and Martha Nuffer Scholarship $325 to Noah Holthaus.

’13 Hills-Beaver Creek Alumni Scholarship $100 to Noah Holthaus.

’14 Bev Wassenaar Scholarship $100 to Carey Taubert.

’15 Boeve Family Scholarship $500 to Madison Fick.

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