Spring Fever

I think we all joke about "Spring Fever", but the absolute joy I feel when I see large areas of flattened grass peeking out from the snow is clearly akin to a mild delirium. Let's face it: it's been a cold, long winter and we're all pretty sick of it. Nothing can make you more optimistic about your day than knowing that longer, warmer days will be here in short order.

So how does one best adequately handle said "Spring Fever?" I mean, as much as I'd love to, I'm not ready to bring out the giant Rubbermaid tub of Spring clothes and start busting out light jackets and capris. No - sadly, we've still got a rocky month or so ahead of us - there are way too many years past where I can recall huge snow storms well into late April. They thankfully don't last more than a day or two, but they certainly dampen the spirits...

I've found the way that my particular strain of Spring Fever is attacking has been with obsessively cleaning my car. Like many folks in winter, I've found my car slowing becoming a rolling island of trash, cast-off winter garments and salty-sand grit. Frankly, it's embarrassing when people see my car in the winter, but when the monthly high is 20, it's hard to take the time to clean it out. But the past few weekends of thaw-out have given me the chance to finally whisk out the junk, vacuum the salt off the carpets and wash off some of the grime from the outside. Without a garage to protect my car, it's slowly began to resemble the gray landscape around it - now it's revealed to be the same familiar green color it was back in October.

It seems to keep my Spring Fever in check when I drive around in my newly clean car, it reminds me of how wonderful it is to drive when the sun is blazing overhead, my windows down and a cool breeze flowing through my hair. Of course, reality hits me with each slush-filled pot-hole I hit, repainting my car in winter's gray once again. I'm sure this cycle is doomed to continue on and on through till May, when the puddles are only from rain and the warm days will outnumber the cold, but until then, you can bet I'll be in line with all the other Spring Fever sufferers at the local car wash!

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