Alice Brandt (left) was honored Monday, May 18, during Lift-Off Ceremonies at Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School for her 39 years of service as a custodian. She is pictured with co-worker Cheryl Hup.

alice brandt retires after 39 years


The year was 1976 and Alice Brandt decided to seek employment outside the home. She decided to apply for a job at Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School and remained there for 39 years.  

At Lift-Off Ceremonies at the H-BC Elementary School Monday, May 18, she was recognized for her years of service.

Brandt shared some of her memories in a recent interview with the Hills Crescent.  

She was hired by Wendell D. Marshall, the superintendent at that time, and Merlin Klein, who was the elementary principal.  

Brandt and her family lived in Beaver Creek.  Her husband worked construction and they had four children, Keith, David, Gary and Lori.  

She recalls working with custodians Leroy Olson, Jake Bakker, Dale Reker and Jake Rauk.  

Besides cleaning, she also assisted during the noon hour serving meals to the elementary students. She worked with Elleda Verhey, Ethel Tower and Cheryl Hup.

Changes she has seen in the lunch room include the amount of food now discarded. She attributes this to the federal “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” enacted in 2010 that mandates the number of calories and nutrients in every student’s meal.

Brandt said she hoped to make it 40 years with the district, but due to health issues at the age of 80 she felt it was time to retire.


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