The 125th celebration of Hills is now another page in the history books. And the weather was beautiful.  

Hats off to the members of Helping Build Communities Stronger and everyone else who assisted to make the weekend a success. This was my first experience working with the group, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Congratulations to Jim Moser, the winner of the commemorative 125th Henry Lever .22 rifle engraved with the Hills logo.

Our next big event scheduled in Hills is the fireworks display Saturday, July 4, at the Hills Rez.  Donations are appreciated for this event. Watch for more announcements in the future.

Tom Goehle was the speaker at the Community Church Service Sunday morning at the high school.

In his message he said, “The Lord put us on earth to enjoy one another.”

What beautiful words of wisdom to remember as we work and live with our co-workers, family and people in the community.  I truly believe this weekend the members of our community and the visitors enjoyed one another.

I hope a number of you had the opportunity to meet the descendant of the namesake of Hills, Gregory Newton Hills and his wife, Shirley, from Newark, Delaware. He is the great-grandson of Frederick Clark Hills.


Former owner of Corner Café dies at 88

Morris Smedsrud, a former resident of Hills, passed away on Friday, June 12, at the age of 88.

Funeral services were Tuesday, June 16, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Morrie and his wife, Elaine, were former owners and operators of the Corner Café in town.  

This weekend is Father’s Day.  I have a poem titled “Tribute to a Farm Dad.”

I wish that you could know a man

Who views a greening, plush farmland

And sense the feeling that he knows

Of tasseling corn in long, straight rows.

It never fails….he always knows

Just where to find the first wild rose,

And gathers several fragrant blooms

To grace a small farmhouse’s rooms.

Another day, another night,

He heads toward shining farmhouse lights

And softly breathes a thankful prayer

For the loving family waiting there.

God, bless this farm dad all his days

That we, his children, might convey

The welling sense of pride we’ve known

From such a fine example shown.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad in heaven and to all fathers everywhere.

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