Rick Peterson

A Valentine worth remembering

For What It's Worth

Friday is Valentine’s Day. Truth be told, that is not one of my favorite days. Valentine’s Day puts undue pressure on me to be romantic — not one of my strong suits.

I can be compassionate, caring and downright sentimental, but romantic not so much.

To make matters worse, Mary will find herself sitting in the dentist’s chair to start her day.

In the past, I’ve done the standard Valentine gift giving such as candy, card, flowers and the jewelry thing, and no doubt I’ve even taken her out for dinner. But this year, as luck would have it, Valentine’s Day coincides with the annual Pheasant Fest held in Minneapolis.

So my plan is ... after the tooth doctor, I’ll whisk her off to the big city for a day of blaze orange, shotguns, hunting dogs and all things pheasant hunting. What more could a girl ask for?

I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “Poor Mary. First the dentist, then a hunting convention.” I know you’re probably thinking this is a little selfish on my part, but my thought is that if Mary sees how much I am enjoying Pheasant Fest, she’ll feel in a roundabout way very pleased that I am happy, thus making her happy.

See? In the end, it’s probably one of the best Valentine gifts I could give her.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mary.

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