Brenda Winter

Top 10 best things about the coronavirus

The Northview

The coronavirus isn’t all bad. It might take awhile, but here are 10 good things I think will come after the corona virus is no longer front page news.

#1. The United States will end its insane reliance on foreign countries to produce our drugs and medical supplies.

#2. Bringing those drug and medical supply factories home to U.S. soil will result in more high quality manufacturing jobs for Americans.

#3. An economic boom will follow as those well-paid workers invest in homes, automobiles and the stock market.

#4. The stock market will rebound bigly. (It has to, right?) 401Ks, pension funds and other retirement accounts will be flush again.

#5. Huge advances will be made in telemedicine. Routine trips to the doctor will be permanently replaced with convenient, video calls.

#6. People will realize the wonders of distance learning. (Did this 15 years ago – just sayin’.) 

#7. Increased hand washing will save lives — not from the coronavirus but from the flu, e-coli and other diseases that kill thousands of Americans every year. 

#8. Families will spend time together. Wow.

#9. Difficult times bring out the best in people. It’s a wonder to behold people in this community stepping up to help elderly neighbors, families with kids and those “at risk.” Way to go, Luverne.

#10. One of the best outcomes of the coronavirus for me are the jokes people are telling.

Among my favorite:

“I realized what I consider everyday life, others consider ‘quarantine.’” 

A question, “When you sing Happy Birthday while washing your hands — are you singing to your hands or to the virus?”

Chins up, everyone. We might be six feet apart, but we’re all in this together.

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