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Progression slow on bucket list

For What It's Worth

So February is about in the books for another year. Even with an extra day it seemed to blow by.

So to keep you up to speed on my 2020 bucket list accomplishments, here’s where I’m at after two months.

First, just to refresh your memory, the list includes wash a load of clothes at the Laundry Room Laundromat; get at least one haircut at five different salons in Luverne; swim in The Lake; attend a school board meeting; go to one of the following: a Cardinal girls’ basketball game, Cardinals wrestling meet or Cardinals gymnastics meet. Just a few left, take in a movie at the Palace Theatre, drink a clean glass of water from the Blue Mounds State Park, and finally, attend at least one service at each of 12 different churches in Luverne.

So far, I’ve checked a couple of items off my list. First, I watched the Cardinal girls’ basketball team whoop up on the Jackson girls in January. Just a week or so ago I got a haircut by Kate Maus at the Hair LTD salon, so that’s a start on the haircut at five different salons.

Can’t really swim in The Lake just yet, and drinking the water at Blue Mounds is going to wait for warmer weather as well. Truth be told, I forgot that attending a school board meeting was even on the list. I am thinking about washing all of our winter coats at The Laundry Room, but that, too, is weather-dependent.

That brings us to attending a church service at 12 different churches throughout the year. I am still in the starting blocks on that one, but I have to tell you, I had no idea how many of you would be keeping tabs on me about that one.

I have had good intentions to get started twice, but bad weather once and a good book fouled my plans.

And no, the good book wasn’t the one I probably should be reading on Sundays, but I promise — and considering the peer pressure I have already experienced — I’ll check that one off the list by year’s end.

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