Magnolia paves street in 1952

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The following appeared in the Rock County Star Herald on August 14, 1952.

Magnolia’s new paved street was being used this week. The project which consisted of paving the street, new walks and gutters the full length of the business district, cost slightly over $15,000. Four new luminaire dome type street lights were also installed at a cost of $865. Shown above are a number of Magnolia residents looking over the new paving. Seated at the curb are Robert Duane Frahm, Councilman Richard Krenzien, Gerald Davis, Randy Oldre. Standing to the right are Oscar Oldre, S.T. Edwards, Redwood Falls, Paul Weyker, Orville Akkerman, Timothy Dispanet, Forrie Travis, M. F. McCardell, Village Clerk Darrell Lester, George Wilder and Fred Frahm. About 3,000 persons were estimated to have been present for the pavement dance, sponsored Wednesday night of last week by the Magnolia Booster Club. Governor C. Elmer Anderson spoke briefly from the grandstand.

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