Brenda Winter

Long bangs result in unclear vision of the future: I need a haircut

The Northview

My vision for the future is unclear, mostly because I can’t see through my bangs.

Whoever said hair styling is not an essential service has not seen me with eight bobby pins holding the hair out of my eyes.

I’ve always had short hair with short bangs, not the sheepdog bangs I have now.

As a little girl, I experienced various methods of bang trimming.

The Scotch tape method involved placing a piece of tape across the bangs holding them in place for the trim.

The lined-paper method required me to carefully hold a piece of lined paper on my forehead while Mom carefully trimmed along the blue line. Moving the paper, even a little, could result in bangs that sloped from one side to the other. 

The hair-clip method held my bangs out of my face when I considered growing them out, but I always broke down after a day or two with bangs in my eyes and chopped them off.

Once, in college, I tried styling my own bangs and ended up cutting them a little on the short side. The magazine article said, “Just twist and clip for perfect bangs every time!”

After the stylist tried to fix my work, she said, “Do not tell anyone that you got your hair cut here.”

During a recent Zoom meeting I revisited the ’80s look by curling and spraying my long bangs into a giant hairball on the front of my head.

Zoom and long bangs have made me realize I have one hair segment that grows opposite its neighbors. Concentrating on the topic at hand is difficult while obsessing about my unruly hairline.

With no lock-down end in sight, I’ve thought about just going with the long bangs.

I tried the swooped-back Elvis look. I tried the “cleaning lady with a kerchief” look. 

I tried the headband, the baseball cap, the gel and the bobby pins. I even just held back my bangs with one hand until I realized I was touching my face.

I know no one can clearly see the future. I just hope I don’t have to see it with hair in my eyes.

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