I love to tell the story

Built on a Rock

By the time this column is printed, I will have moved away from the area and will be just about to begin my new pastoral call. As I write you one last column, I’m reflecting on all the stories I will take with me as I go.

       Storytelling is a powerful tool for remembering. Telling stories of loved ones who have gone or of the kids when they were little helps us feel connected to each other and part of something bigger than ourselves.

       Monday, May 25, is Memorial Day. This year we will more than likely observed it without our usual parades and gatherings, and instead, we honored those brave men and women who gave their lives for this country with shared stories and quiet visits to gravesides. Stories help us remember.

       In the weeks and months ahead, I will be learning new stories from my new partners in ministry. Yet, I will forever carry with me the stories from my experiences as a pastor in Rock County. They are stories that are precious to me, stories that helped me expand my understanding of God, stories that challenged my faith, and stories that will forever bring me comfort.

       In my new ministry I will likely tell parts of these stories as an example of God’s goodness alive and at work in our world. I am so grateful my story intersected with yours in whatever way, big or small. Your stories are forever a part of mine, and all of us together are a part of God’s story.

       The Christian story is the story of death and resurrection. It’s the story of unexpected miracles and surprise endings. God’s story is the story of love never letting go of us, no matter what.

       You are a part of that story. When you face grief and sorrow from an ending in your life, know that a new beginning is just around the corner.

       That’s the story of God. It’s the story that we all belong in. It’s the story in which I find comfort and hope. God is always making things new and is with you while you wait for the newness to come.

       Thank you for sharing stories of new life, second chances, forgiveness and healing with me and each other.


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