Built on a Rock

By Pastor Ron Nichols, Grace Lutheran Church

There was a famous professor who often challenged his students with questions like ... Which of you is going to be a great writer? Which of you is going to be a great saint like Francis of Assisi? Which of you is going to be a great humanitarian like Albert Schweitzer?

Presented with such big ideas, the students would squirm and giggle. But the famous professor would tell them that these were not idle questions; he really meant what he said. Then he would always say, “If not you, then who?”

Every time we gather for worship, we hear God's Word read to us and we are challenged with these same kinds of questions. We hear Jesus question us over and over again: “lf not you, then who?”

We are not put here on this earth by blind chance. A loving God put us here as part of a plan for the fulfillment of all creation. Each of us is unique and, therefore, each of us is entrusted with a life to live and opportunities given to no one else. And we have a lifetime opportunity to help shape the world we live in, or at least our little corner of the world. We have a lifetime opportunity to enrich the lives of others who, like ourselves, are unique members of God's creation.

Sometimes people tell me that the problem with the world today is that people are not willing to do their fair share, not at home or in the community or the church. They say if everyone just did their fair amount, everything would be better.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that there is no such thing as a fair share. There is no such thing as a parceled portion we are obligated to do. There are only choices — choices to live your life the way you want to live. There is no fair share of what is expected of us, only choices. There is only the choice to reach out beyond ourselves or to step back and expect someone else to do things.

So, which one of you is going to make a better world? Which one of you is going to be a great writer? Which one of you is going to be a famous saint, like Francis of Assisi or Mother Teresa? Which one of you is going to take a home-cooked meal to someone who is unable to leave their home, shovel a sidewalk or wave at someone you don’t know?

We have a choice. We have the freedom. And, well, if not you, then who?



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